Menina ou Menino

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Nome Origem Significa Sexo Salvar

1 Asha Sanskrit Hope. Mythology: the wife of a Hindu demigod. Sexo: F
2 Candra Sanskrit Of the moon. Sexo: F
3 Carma Sanskrit Fate. Sexo: F
4 Chan Sanskrit Shining. Sexo: M
5 Chanda Sanskrit Dignified. Sexo: F
6 Chandara Sanskrit Of the moon. Sexo: F
7 Chandra Sanskrit Dignified; Of the moon. Sexo: F
8 Chandria Sanskrit Of the moon. Sexo: F
9 Chaundra Sanskrit Of the moon. Sexo: F

10 Dev Sanskrit Title name meaning 'divine; god.'. Sexo: M
11 Devi Sanskrit Divine. A mythological Hindu title relating to Shiva's wife who is known by different names according to her exercise of power for good or ill. Sexo: F
12 Devika Sanskrit Little goddess. From the mythological Hindu 'Devi'. Sexo: F
13 Dhana Sanskrit Wealthy. Sexo: F
14 Dhanna Sanskrit Wealthy. Sexo: F
15 Hari Sanskrit Lion. In Mythology Hari is one of the names of Vishnu. Sexo: M
16 Indira Sanskrit Splendid. Sexo: F
17 Indira Sanskrit Splendid. Sexo: M
18 Jai Sanskrit Victorious. Sexo: M
19 Jay Sanskrit Victorious. Sexo: M
20 Jayne Sanskrit Victorious. Sexo: F